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Liberty Mutual Umbrella Insurance reviews Write a Review 800-837-5254
Insurance Company
4 reviews

General Rating

  • 4.0Price
  • 4.0Customer Service
  • 3.8Plans Available
  • 3.5Policy Satisfaction
  • 4.5Claim Satisfaction

Umbrella Insurance Rating

  • 3.0Price
  • 1.0Customer Service
  • 3.0Plans Available
  • 1.0Policy Satisfaction
  • N/AClaim Satisfaction


Tried to cancel policy over a month ago and still being charged. I found a better premium elsewhere and insured my ATV. When i went to cancel through Liberty Mutal they refused to cancel my policy and said i would have to continue to make payments. The rep was RUDE and I will NEVER use liberty mutual AGAIN!!! BEWARE!!

Lisa M.

, Vermont, ATV Insurance Rating & Review 09-21-2017
  • 4.0Price
  • 5.0Customer Service
  • 5.0Plans Available
  • 5.0Policy Satisfaction
  • N/AClaim Satisfaction

Resting Safe and Sound

Our family has been with Liberty Mutual for 20 years, starting first with rental insurance, growing to condo insurance, and finally to homeowner's insurance. In that time, we have had other companies try to get our business, but although their prices were comparable, their coverage was never as good. The customer service was not as friendly and helpful, and the sales people were always very pushy. Liberty Mutual people are very helpful. Our sales rep. is knowledgeable, friendly, and never pushes us into something we neither need nor want. I was very pleased to find out that our policy has 100% replacement coverage for things like flooring and contents that are damaged due to water flooding or other things. This is not typical within the industry. Although I have not had a need to place a claim against my insurance yet, I am certain that the experience will be as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. How many people can say that about their insurance?

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Stacey M.

, California, Home Insurance Rating & Review 03-15-2016
  • 4.0Price
  • 5.0Customer Service
  • 4.0Plans Available
  • 4.0Policy Satisfaction
  • 4.0Claim Satisfaction

Faithful Customer

Liberty Mutual auto insurance offers competitive rates, and I've had this insurance since 1995 and have been very happy with everything about the experience. My husband and I first chose Liberty because of the rates, but we appreciate the great service we receive as well. Our local agent remembers our names even though we see him only once a year at the most. He also knows the policies extremely well and spends the time necessary to know his customers so that we receive the right coverage at the best price, capitalizing on all the appropriate discounts. If I need help at a time when the local office is closed, calling the 24-hour 800 number is actually a pleasant experience. I get to speak to a live person who knows the answers. The one time we had to submit a claim into the insurance was a painless process. It was a matter of a phone call. They took the information and did all the follow-up. My only complaint about the insurance is that living in the state of California, I cannot take advantage of the first claim forgiveness policy. California doesn't allow it. This is not enough to make me want to leave, though. I haven't found another company that treats me as well as Liberty does.

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Stacey M.

, California, Auto Insurance Rating & Review 03-05-2016
  • 5.0Price
  • 5.0Customer Service
  • 3.0Plans Available
  • 4.0Policy Satisfaction
  • 5.0Claim Satisfaction

A Solid Insurance Company for Newer Home Owne

Liberty Mutual, although may not be rated at the top of the bunch, has always offered me great discounts, and professional support through their 24 Hour Emergency services. One of the main reasons I was attracted to Liberty Mutual was the fact that they had a lot of discounts for homeowners who required a new policy on a home that was less than thirteen years of age. Plus, we added in a smoke alarm system to the house when we bought it, and we managed to get more discounts through an additional policy that gave the discount upon installing protective devices in the home – why not get a discount on something you're already going to install? It makes sense. Plus, I have had the added reassurance that if my home sustains damage, Liberty Mutual will dispatch a professional to assist in preventing any further damage. When we had damage done to our roof after a hail storm, we were able to get a list of reliable repair vendors from Liberty who also guaranteed the repair work for up to one year. Over the last five years, we have not had any issues with making claims, sorting out policies, or getting our discounts.

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Chantelle C.

, New York, Home Insurance Rating & Review 12-22-2015
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