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Insurance Company 800-861-8380

General Rating

  • 4.5Price
  • 4.7Customer service
  • 4.6Plans available
  • 4.5Policy satisfaction
  • 4.1 Claim satisfaction

Motorcycle Insurance Rating

Insurance Company 855-618-5800

General Rating

  • 2.0Price
  • 1.9Customer service
  • 2.1Plans available
  • 1.9Policy satisfaction
  • 1.8 Claim satisfaction

Motorcycle Insurance Rating

  • 1.0Price
  • 1.0Customer service
  • 1.0Plans available
  • 1.0Policy satisfaction
  • 1.0 Claim satisfaction

Insurance Company 855-758-0943

General Rating

  • 1.8Price
  • 1.5Customer service
  • 1.8Plans available
  • 1.5Policy satisfaction
  • 1.3 Claim satisfaction

Motorcycle Insurance Rating

  • 2.3Price
  • 1.0Customer service
  • 2.3Plans available
  • 1.0Policy satisfaction
  • 1.0 Claim satisfaction

Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous feat. Compared to driving a car, it is cheaper to insure a motorcycle, but in an accident, there is more damage caused to you and the bike. We are here to help you to find the best motorcycle insurance for your needs. The right way to do it is to check out motorcycle insurance companies ratings and reviews. Finding motorcycle insurance company is not an issue. However, not every insurer is good and reliable. First, know how important it is to evaluate the insurance company and make a selection carefully.


The Reliability of a Company Matters


How reliable the company is should be on the top of your list. Getting ripped off by the insurance company has become a major concern. Even if you are involved in a serious crash, some insurance companies are only concerned about their profits. For this reason, check out each and every insurer before agreeing to do business with any of them.


Read Over Motorcycle Insurance Reviews


Reading motorcycle insurance companies reviews will help you to make an educated purchase decision. These reviews are written by consumers like you with the same goals and intentions as yourself. They buy the same types of products and services as you do. That is why a customer review is much more effective than a company advertising.


Check Motorcycle Insurance Ratings


Check the rating of every insurance company you work with. Consumers are allowed to give a rating that varies from one to five stars. For a motorcycle insurance company, a five-star rating is rare but still possible. To find the best motorcycle insurance, look for an average rating of three or more stars. If there are many two-star ratings, look into a deeper explanation. Read more about why people feel that way about that particular company and its services.