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1 review

General Rating

  • 4.0Price
  • 3.0Customer Service
  • 4.0Plans Available
  • 4.0Policy Satisfaction
  • 3.0Claim Satisfaction

Medicare Insurance Rating

  • 4.0Price
  • 3.0Customer Service
  • 4.0Plans Available
  • 4.0Policy Satisfaction
  • 3.0Claim Satisfaction

Aetna: Do Your Research First.

I’ve had Aetna health insurance for as long as I could remember, since it is what my father’s employer provided for employee families. Although I’ve never had any major injuries or needed any major surgeries, I was always covered when I found myself in the ER or for whatever routine visits I needed. As a student, my university also offers health insurance, but I’ve stuck with Aetna because I know what to expect. One thing I would criticize, however, would be the customer service response – I’ve heard horror stories from other Aetna users, though, so I may have just gotten lucky. From what I’ve been told, the company is oftentimes slow with prescription refills, and has been known to put its customers through hell to get the appropriate referrals to see their doctors. But since I have yet to have any of these things happen to me, I suspect people might just be unwilling to make all the appropriate phone calls (as many as there may be). For the time being, I’m sticking with Aetna. I’d recommend people take more than the typical 15 minutes to study up on their different insurance options.

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Rachael A.

, California, Health Insurance Rating & Review 12-03-2015
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